Payouts from Envato

Why Envato do payouts only once a month? Why not every two weeks? I’m sure it’s not about reversals. Some competitors have a once a 10 days, and some by requesting. Month is too long.

Hello sir.
I have a question. How going your sales ?
My sales completely dropped in last 3-4 months (WordPress themes) :thinking:

The ones offering on demand or even greater frequency of payouts are not processing even close to the volumes or different amounts that envato do, and there will be significant economies of scale, resource, fee, complexity

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@charlie4282 So competitors do the same, but Envato can’t because of what?

That’s the point it’s a similar process but completely different scale which has huge impact.

Very few other marketplaces are processing even 50% of the transactions etc that envato do.

To do this requires much more time, more resource, and incurs more charges from the payment platform.

By doing it once a month (it is why in a regular job people working for big organisations are also generally paid monthly, as are authors for other big marketplaces like the App Store) means that there is a single deadline and charges for one batch of transactions.

@charlie4282 Volumes cannot be the reason. Two months are ok for Elements, but not for market, because of business model.

For example I can get payout from Upwork since 10 day of a contract, or by requesting after this time (and the same for Shatterstock).

Also people usually get money not once a month but once a 2 weeks, or even weekly on some works. So during this inflation time I get not my 100% of payout from Envato but something like 96%-94% because of monthly inflation rate.

So it would be great for authors, Envato make payments more often, for example, on 1st and 15th. It does not change the monthly counts, but improves the authors experience. This act from Envato can help some people during this hard time. Think about it.

Thank you for attention on this problem!

@charlie4282 I’m not trying to argue with you, I just want to convey my point of view :slight_smile:

Out of interest are you sure about payments more than once a month for Shutterstock? Shutterstock Contributor Support

Upwork is different because it is a “project” model not an ongoing and continually available item.

I agree with you that making the options more frequent would we a bonus for authors but I am sure the costs involved in doing this for envato would be huge and either have to be passed on or else make it unachievable

@charlie4282 Ok.

@LockThemes Yes sales dropped by 30%