Payout rejected and payout methode deleted

Why the payout which works fine during all years was rejected and why i cant see my payout methode ? where is my money ? they simply took it ?

Getting started with the new Market payout system

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@mgscoder sorry but i think you didnt read well my post, i said that my account was setup properly and worked fine for many years, thank you for your post anyways

I am also sorry for the confusion! but maybe you are not aware about Envato New Payout systems.
Envato has removed all old payout and integrated a new payout systems.

in the new payout system, if you have earned more than the minimum payment threshold of $50, each month will be auto-paid as much as you will earn (minimum payment threshold of $50).

If you already setup new payout for your account and facing problem to get paid then you should contact Envato Author support. Otherwise please check my first post.


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