Payout percentage of sale of specific product

I need some help finding a plugin that makes it possible for me to payout a certain percentage of the sale of that product to a specific user.
We use Woocommerce.

I am using an affiliate plugin for that now, with the use of an automated coupon that links the sale to a user.
However, this is a method which is not ideal as only one affiliate can be linked to the sale.

I am selling products that are not others, so not looking for a vendor relationship.

2 practical examples.

  1. We sell products of which we want to donate a percentage to a cause
  2. We sell products that have a design on them that has been made by another user, which we agreed on paying a percentage of each sale.

Hope anyone can help us.

Thid you look on multivendors plugins? Dokan is great solution and users can manage their items and other things about items.