Payoneer website blocked for Russia

This is clearly not the Payoneer fault!

" the administration of these sites asked Payneer, for which they blocked me. They were told that I was suspected of fraud."

I was there for two years and I was never suspected of fraud, but you were suspected. The question is why?

I’m also very interested. But Payneer is blocking accounts without giving any reason.

Believe me, I don’t know a single author from Russia or Ukraine or Belarus who would just be blocked on the Payoneer. Do you know those? Let them write about it here, bring these authors to this topic, let them express their opinion, if you know such authors.

I know many people whose pioneer has blocked their accounts. Maybe because I have been in this business for almost 12 years.

It’s just that I’ve never seen the user Payoneer blocked just like that. Do you have authors who were unblocked on Payoneer (because they were blocked by mistake a few years ago for fraud)?

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I have never heard of Payneer unblocking an account. NEVER.

An employee from the Payoneer who is here can answer your statement. @Melisa_Payoneer . :blush:

Good luck!

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Hi @CleanMagicAudio - thanks for adding me here!

@Dirtyflint, I can assure you that we take customer experience and keeping our platform safe very seriously. As a general note, all Payoneer account holders must comply with our Terms and Conditions. Should this not be the case, unfortunately our security department will close your account. It’s very rare for an account to be closed, and we don’t have an increasing trend of account closures, which is an extremely small percentage.


Hello, is this link reliable: ? Thank you.

It doesn’t matter though, cause nothing works when trying to log in.

Hi all.

We’ve been advised that the Payoneer mobile app is still available in Russia, and that authors can still process bank transfers through that app. If you need to process fund transfers from Payoneer, we encourage you to download their mobile app to do this.

Our current payment run will be made as usual, and all normal operations are in place in terms of making changes to your payment options.

If there are further changes, we will be emailing any affected Russian authors directly.