Payoneer verification - "url connecting you to site" Please, help, how can I get this link?

“The company website you provide must display a link to your data or to your company’s data specified in Payoneer.”

This data are not displayed on my Videohive Profil Page(
Have samebody any idea how to getr this link?

What you need to show is link to your Marketplace profile page and before you share that link with Payoneer, make sure that in profile text area on your profile page first sentence mentions your name (company name), as that name should match the name on your Payoneer account. To mention your name on your profile go to Author Dashboard, open Settings tab, then Profile, and then scroll down to Profile Text and enter your name there. Something like “Welcome to my profile! My name is (your real name) a.k.a. (your username)” and then there can be whatever you normally have on your profile.

Payoneer staff will just check that profile page to see if there you have sales visible and to see if name on that profile matches Payoneer account name.

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Thank you!

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What about the link on elements profile will it work? Or it has to be videohive profile with my name in description?

Elements will show your username only and that won’t match Payoneer account name, so they can’t confirm is it yours or not, also they don’t see there if you have any sales, which shows on VideoHive profile.


I think Payonner asked link your connection to envato element not the video hive.

They don’t specify which one to show, they want proof you sell through Envato, and they want to see your real name on that profile and that there were sales. That you can show on Marketplace profile only, not on Envato Elements profile. Elements profile doesn’t show your About section nor downloads of your items. I replied here because I verified my profile this year, and that’s how it works.

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@SuzanaTArt I got mail today from payoneer to verify online store. They mention screenshot must show any of two (2)
information following

  1. First Name and last Name

  2. Email

  3. Phone Number

  4. Address that match with Payoneer profile setting

  5. Market Store Name.

Can you tell how can i take screenshot. Is it from profile setting tab?

I created screenshot of my profile on VideoHive where in About I mentioned my first and last name along with username, so they can see both. That way screenshot shows it is Envato Market, my username, my real name is there and they approved. Based on what they asked from you, you could also make screenshot of Settings > Personal Information. There is your real name and address. Screenshot will show it is Envato Market, your username as well, and in right top corner they will see number of sales. Both ways will do.

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Thanks, did you share full page screenshot or visiable area of page. I notice when i take full page screenshot it does not capture adress bar area.

I didn’t include address bar, just screenshot of page.

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I think You shared Whole page of profile tab, Okay?

Yes, that’s right.