Payoneer to offer chip cards + PayPass?

I’d like to know if Payoneer sends out the new cards with any of these new features? It’s not the best in some countries to have a magnetic-only card :frowning: My card is a bit old, anyone with new cards can tell me is they changed the technology since then? If not, anyone else is interested in this, besides me? Would be good for travelers, as some countries are more likely to accept cards with chip & pin and are phasing out the acceptance of swipe only cards. I’d happily pay a larger fee for this type of more secure card.

On a side note, it would be awesome if the new Payoneer app would support PayPass payments using smartphones with NFC (Near field communication) in it! :slight_smile: How cool that would be?


Thanks for posting and sharing your feedback!

We do not currently support Chip & PIN for the Payoneer card, however this is something that we are working on for the future. If anyone else is interested in having this support for their Payoneer card, please post and share your feedback with us.

In regards to our mobile app, we’re currently working on the next major version release and have a lot of new and exciting features in the works. PayPass is not currently one of them, but I’ll certainly pass your suggestion on to our mobile app dev team.

Nissim | Head of Community at Payoneer |

I’m here to +1 for a chip card. There’s been numerous times when at the cashier they wouldn’t accept it because it didn’t have a chip.

Anthie +1 from me for chip. I must confirm what @icypixels, had some problems as well because it doesn’t have a chip.

I never had a problem but I just heard it’s a bad idea in some countries to pay without a chip card. Sometimes it’s not preferred to carry cash.