Payoneer MasterCard online shopping problem

Hi everyone,
I got my Payoneer MasterCard from Envato (issued by Envato). So, I can’t purchase products from some specific market, like Microsoft, Win-RAR, uTorrent, etc. Microsoft said maybe the address and region were not matched. Win-RAR ( cleverbridge) said card restrictions. So, what is the exact address of my Payoneer MasterCard? Since it’s issued by Envato.

BTW, I contacted Payoneer support but got no solution.


I believe you will need to find a solution at Payoneer instead.

You can contact with payoneer support team @Melisa_Payoneer may be they can helped!

Thanks for your reply. I contacted Payoneer but found no solution.

At least I need to know the Envato address which they used for Payoneer. Cause I got my card via So maybe I need the same region/address to purchase from Microsoft. Or, maybe the products are only available for US customers only. I’m not sure but I can try.


Envato may be a referral to get the card but it’s been managed by Payoneer.

This could be the reason

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