Payoneer Connect Lost Help me please!

Hello, we did work with my old friend 3 years ago. My envato account connected with him Payoneer account. I request for cut connect with envato and envato did this but something is wrong.
I can’t connect envato account with my Payoneer account. Because Payoneer should cut link with my old friend payoneer account. I did open ticket for this Payoneer but they saying my friend should need this. I can’t contact with my old friend on 3 years.
So i can do nothing about that.

No payoneer help. (they are saying your friend should open ticket but i lost contact with my friend 3 years ago!)
No envato help (talk with payoneer)

Anyone help me please.

I’m pretty sure that Envato can’t help you our here. Because as I understand your friend already has access to that Payoneer account and if is linked to an Envato account then you can’t do many things.

Do whatever you can to reach your friend to fix this because this way, without his consent you don’t have credibility in from of Envato :slight_smile:

Have this makes sense.

Maybe @Nissim_Payoneer is around and have suggestions?

This Envato account mine. Please need solution guys. Why payoneer not helping :frowning: Really i m so sad.

help please

To solve your problems with Payoneer please get in touch with them here:

If they don’t respond to your message, you live chat and also call them.

I already did this. They say all time “your friend should contact with us” but i can contact with him 3 years…

So my problem still on.

So, the Envato account is yours, but the Payoneers account belongs to your friend.

If that Payoneer account was made using your details then you should have access to it otherwise you can’t take control of that account because its not yours.

You should get in touch with your friend and solve the problems with it.

Btw: You can also create a new Payoneer account

Payoneer account is new. Okey than anyone can’t solve this simple problem. No envato, no payoneer…

Thank you for trying help.