(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

I don’t think that blocks or should block them from clarifying to people what they should do when they wont be able to withdraw their earning in mid-pandemic conditions.

Sadly I was hit and need to recover the freezed amount but I have hopes that Payoneer will manage to fix it. They are assuring all over the place that:

Hi there! We can assure you that this is not the case. All cardholder funds are safe and secure during the FCA's audit. We are working with the FCA to get the cards unfrozen but all funds are safe. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

— Payoneer (@Payoneer) June 28, 2020

So I will also light a big candle and pray for this to end fine for all of us


edit: sorry I have to think my words before writing

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Pretty much the same here, though down here we dodged the corralito! Hahaha! Qué tiempos revueltos aquellos, eh? Nice to read a few promising words. I do believe things will be back up and running soon, but believing does not pay the bills so this month Envato’s earnings are going to PayPal, unless some miracle happens tomorrow.

I do transfer most of my balance to my local bank monthly so things could have been worse, although all May’s freelance projects and Envato’s income were Sub-Zero frozen. Fingers crossed for this to end ASAP.


I have! Payoneer card is the same as yours … and it has 464 dollars blocked on it, which I can’t withdraw … but I can only withdraw the amount that was credited to my account starting yesterday (June 27)


Mmm, well, that’s good news… so as they’ve been assuring, all new incoming funds are available for withdraw, right?

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Hi @StudioEtude! Well, this means something that you cannot withdraw existing money. And where are the guarantees that they will not freeze funds in a week? It looks very unreliable. Envato must decide something, it should not be.

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They froze the money and claim that they will no longer freeze it. It sounds like a fairy tale, there are no guarantees!

Hi, for me, money from Envato is also money, and the problem that we all have is a problem for me! I’m just trying to reassure people so that they don’t panic, and I write a lot of words to help people cope with the situation somehow, I’m not a Payoneer advertiser or anyone else … I just write about what is happening in my opinion and how I deal with it … and yes, there are no guarantees that this problem will not happen again tomorrow … we are in the same boat!



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Hi sorry to ask so the issue is with the cards, can one withdraw from Payoneer without the cards, just curious there is no Paypal for me and SWIFT unless I have 500$

Currently any money you’ve received on your card prior to the 27th is not accessible to withdraw.

  • Funds in your payoneer account exceeding the card’s maximum capacity, are not linked to the card and thus can be withdrawn to bank.
  • New funds can still be accepted into your Payoneer account, which will be placed within a virtual balance that isn’t linked to the card and can be withdrawn to bank.

I am with you on this one all the way, hoping and doing the same. Just waiting till tomorrow in case there is any development in any front.
Sorry I edited my post before you reply to it (I was talking about some weird experience and learning “corralito” in my country) I am choosing my words on this one as is a sensitive issue in a public forum

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If you have a Payoneer card in dollars and have money on it that came before the 27th, then this money is blocked! All that came after June 27th, you can withdraw to a bank account! Today, all the money that comes is transferred to a virtual account, not to a card (there is a difference), and therefore it can be transferred to your bank account … There is no other alternative for me, as for you, therefore we are waiting for a salary, which we’ll transfer it to our local bank account, for this you need to link your virtual Payoneer account to the account at the local bank … For me PayPal also does not work, but I never considered the option with Swift …


Does someone have more information on that, is it the end of Payoneer?


Payoneer is not shutting down read their latest post : https://blog.payoneer.com/exclusive/wirecard-in-the-news-funds-on-your-payoneer-card-are-safe-and-secure/

However Envato needs to provide more options to withdraw funds.

UPDATE New Payoneer Blog Post: you will temporarily be unable to withdraw the funds on your card, nor receive new payments onto your card.

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I was not able to top up via Revolut …

I’ll try ATM in a few hours

this is very inconvenient

any idea how much time will the funds be frozen ?

ATM, online shopping and everything is not working now. already tested it, even conversion withing the account from USD to Euro is not working

does withdraw via bank account work ? I mean from their website

any idea how much time will funds be frozen ?

No one knows how much time the funds will be frozen, Payoneer says its temporary : https://blog.payoneer.com/exclusive/wirecard-prepaid-card-update/

The Good news : “Any future payments that you receive from marketplaces, platforms and clients will not be affected by the freeze. You can sign in to view your funds, and you can now add your bank account for withdrawal of your future incoming payments.”