(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

I hope for the best, but just leave it here) - https://www.reddit.com/r/freelance/comments/90hs0w/get_your_money_out_of_payoneer_asap_or_you_may/

Unfortunately Paypal is not working in my country. Our banks supports SWIFT, and I always receive my money from other markets by SWIFT, but Envato Bank SWIFT can’t support and send money to my country, I don’t know why?

I use Payoneer Prepaid Card for Envato Platform usage, I use its Prepaid Card, but I can’t withdraw the money to my local account, because my country is not in the list of Payoneer and can’t send the money to my local bank.

I ask Envato to stop automatic withdrawal option, then we will see how Payoneer face with its issues.
Also ask Envato to talk with their bank to support and do SWIFT to all countries.


Why don’t use use TransferWise instead? If you can get the money to your PayPal account - you can transfer it to your TW account with no charge ( as USD ) and on your account, you can transfer the money to your bank account - in some countries, you can apply for a credit card as well that is connected to your account.

Transfer from PayPal to TW usually takes 1-2 days, depends on the country, you can get the money within 5 minutes after transferring from TW

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I don’t have 18 minutes here, and you didn’t state what type of bankruptcy either.
How many remember the late 90’s during the dot gone era? We may be going through something similar with cryptocurrency. Beware.

PayPal will survive this mess, and BitCoin as always is very volatile.

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let’s get this straight, for me, as a Payoneer user, this is not a Wirecard issue and certainly not an Envato issue. this is a Payoneer issue.
Payoneer knows it and if it doesn’t, it certainly should know it.
unless this fiasco is resolved and my money are released back to my account i will not entrust a dime to Payoneer. not now, not ever.


This raised a good point as to why the card balance was not transferred to the more secure virtual balance when the situation was worsening.


I don’t know why this guy was transferred to another bank (as he describes in the article) But this message was written a year ago, during this year I had no problems at Payoneer, moreover, I called on the phone in Ukraine a couple of times (phone is indicated on the site) everything was wonderful and fast.
I had $ 460 left on my card, I didn’t think there would be a problem … this is definitely Payoneer’s fault!
so we are in the same boat and I’m not trying to protect anyone … Above, I wrote a method that works now with me in my country … I don’t know, maybe it’s different in other countries … And yes, how only money comes to the account, we must be immediately withdrawn … I hope that everything will be decided soon

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I think that ideally you need to ask Envato to pay attention to it! And maybe he took some sort of action. Because if on July 15 they transfer money to a Payoneer to the authors, then a terrible situation may arise! “Cat is in the bag”!
Until they (employees Payoneer) have solved their problems with the Payoneer accounts (how long it will last is unknown), Envato clearly should not transfer money there!

Does anyone with Envato read this topic?
@steve_lam @BenLeong

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Guys, if your country and bank support SWIFT, it doesn’t guaranty that Envato can send you money.

Yeah. Especially in the beginning of financial crisis. :upside_down_face:

Hey @StudioEtude!

Well, not quite. If it were that simple, this thread probably wouldn’t exist. I’m happy for you you could process your transfers without inconvenience; perhaps you have your funds in EUR? As for me and a huge amount of users, things don’t work as smoothly. Since thursday I’ve been trying to withdraw funds to my local bank account as I do every month and it hasn’t been possible so far. Nor $50, nor $250, nor 1K. In one of my posts above you can see the message I was coming across when trying to do so (trust me, I’ve been using Payoneer for a loooong time and I know well how to do a simple fund transfer). Today they changed the disclaimer, which now looks like this:


I really hope for the best, but right now I just won’t take the risk of sending my Envato monthly earnings to Payoneer. As for the freelance projects, I’ll put the payments on hold for a few weeks and see how things develop.

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Hey @MeGustaMusic! Are you affected by this bullcrap too or just solidarizing with those who are? Really hope u dodged this bullet…


Probably because your money is on the balance of the card and not on the account …,2020-06-28_200945

and on Saturday morning I had problems with the transfer, and before that there was no bank account, I had to open it, but yesterday I sent $ 100, which came to the account on June 27, i.e. Yesterday and then another 140, I wait when they enroll in a local bank

in the letter that the users received it is clearly written that all the money that came to the Card Account until June 27 - frozen and this does not apply to the money that came from June 27 … so I managed to withdraw only the money in dollars that came on June 27 … it happened

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Is it possible to ask Envato to keep the earnings on the site till good times?

please, stop the ‘on card’ and ‘on balance’ argument. are you trying to reinvent the meaning of the word money?

I’m lighting a candle for this to be true. :slight_smile:

Thx for sharing.


some users never had a card at all, they transferred to a bank account, and this problem did not concern them. And did not touch those who had accounts / money in Euro

so, you’re off-topic.

Yeah, that would be one way to go :smiley: but I have setup my actual bank account, at least temporary, until Payoneer is sorted out, or we get some alternative payment method. I don’t like using bank payments, because they can take long time, and they are more expensive (no reason for that also, but Envato requires very high transfer rate, much higher than any other company I worked with).

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Yup, this is quite accurate. If you never ordered a plastic card (or at least not a Wirecard one), your funds would be deposited in your user account and you should be able to transfer them to local bank accounts normally. I guess even if you do have a card but it was not issued by Wirecard you wouldn’t be going through this mess either. It’s us Wircard owners who are f#cked. I’m crossing fingers for what Payoneer’s COO stated in the vid shared by @Abdelrahman_El-masry.