(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

Monthly payments will be announced on 1 July. On July 15, everyone will want to withdraw money. There is no scarier horror movie than this. payoneer shared an update on its blog page, but I still can’t trust them.

July 15 - is only relevant for Envato authors. Not for entire Payoneer users.

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There is no option to remove payment method any more in Envato Payouts settings.You can only switch to different method.

I managed to add my bank account for Envato Payouts, and I decided to switch to bank, and not use the Payoneer until this is resolved. I have some money left on Payoneer card, luckily, I have withdrown most of the money from Payoneer account few days before this happen. I can see that many users have a lot of money blocked on Payoneer, and I really hope this will be resolved soon and that money will be available again…

Payoneer reputation will be hard to recover after this, and there is no real alternative that works worldwide.


One of my payment to another Payoneer account was frozen from last Thursday. But today Request to Send Funds Has Been Approved and the receiver confirmed that he received.


You are right. I hope there will be a solution soon.

It’s not a bug or software error. It exactly the freezing of the founds…

I think the best solution will be Envato to keep all payoneer users earnings in their balance for this month, we will have 30 days to see if payoneer will fix this problem, If not we have enough time to open and verify paypal accounts or choose other payment methods. I think our payments will be safe in Envato account


I totally agree I hope we will hear something from Envato soon.

Message from Payoneer CEO

I really want to believe that the funds still exist and they are just frozen by the FCA, so once unfrozen, they’ll be available. I’ll repeat that as a mantra until it happens :raised_hands:


This re-iterates the same changes in statement Payoneer released yesterday in their blog post
Clearly they’re making accommodations for continuing the service using alternative withdrawal methods, It’s the right thing to do, but it can also mean they don’t know when the service will be continued and they’re acting in self-preservation to keep the cash flowing. I for one will not be relying on Payoneer to get paid until the frozen funds are returned to customers. And am still waiting for a response to why they haven’t warned users until the funds were already frozen. Even though they knew for over a week.

To further question the points he’s making:

  1. There are two Wirecard companies, one is in Germany filing for insolvency, the other is a subsidiary operating in the UK.

If the parent company has filed for insolvency, losing $12 Billion in investments in a matter of few days, how likely is it that its subsidiary would continue to operate business as usual?

  1. Funds are on their way back to the UK to make sure all is safe and sound.

I’m questioning the FCA motives here, given that they haven’t given back Epayments’ funds to the users in over 4 months. There could be a systemic reallocation of user money from around the globe towards the UK government. where it is “safe and sound”, as well as out of reach from the clients who are mostly foreigners scattered around the globe, and unable to sue the UK for their losses (the US clients as far as Upwork has mentioned are NOT affected by this freeze).

  1. We’re working with WC and FCA to make sure your funds are safe and secure.

Payoneer is no longer a relevant party in this debacle. At the moment the people with 100% control of our money are employed within the FCA.

I’m sure that each investigation is different, but i see no reason that they’d be in a hurry to return our funds. Payoneer and Mastercard have both failed to protect their users.

It takes balls but if you fill out faulty details, the money will be stuck on your account. Well, they’ll put it back after a while since it can’t reach a destination.

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I’m not concerned by this situation, but I really hope a solution will be find for you, and obivisoulyu I bring my support to all of you !! :disappointed:


I haven’t had changed the details but years back, there used to be an option to remove it. Seems it’s not possible now.

Just put it to the SWIFT. If you don’t have more than 500$, the process won’t be taking a place.
If you have more than 500$, just the amount you’d be paying extra would be 25-30$. In this condition, I don’t think it’d be a problem

Upwork and other companies stopped sending money through Payoneer. Why we haven’t official response from an Envato so long?

Many people didn’t receive their money because of Payoneer. Soon will be automatic payments from Envato through Payoneer, which can’t be canceled. Will our money go to Payoneer again and disappear there?

Envato currently has only 3 withdrawal methods (Paypal, SWIFT, Payoneer) for authors. Many authors don’t have the opportunity to use Paypal or SWIFT because of their country of residence, and in fact the number of such authors is huge. Many authors don’t have a transfer to a bank account, as Payoneer suggests. We will be left without money or forced to leave the Envato markets.

@Envato, please, add new withdrawal methods, for example, Skrill or any other.

Now Payoneer has frozen money and judging by past events with FirstChoice bank all money will not be returned.
Hundreds of thousands of users have already suffered.
@Envato, we are waiting for your answer.

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at least on the market we have SWIFT option…

Imagine that on elements we have only paypal or payoneer - no option for SWIFT. For me this is not a big problem, I can use paypal… but many authors can’t use paypal (in theur countries) and only payoneer left.

also I readed payoneer forums… many people have all their savings and money for living there… how can you be this much stupid to keep tens of thousands of dollars on e-wallet… this is crazy. Some of them can’t buy food, pay bills… nothing … because of wirecard problem…

never keep all your money in one place - never keep all your money online. Two rules.


I don’t quite understand what is the problem? Many have an account with local banks, with Payoneer money is perfectly transferred to your account at your bank, to your local bank card … and that’s all … then the card is an ATM …
This method has been working since June 27. On the Payoneer account there is now a separation between the money on the account and on the card, only the money on the card is blocked !, if you have money on the account today (without a Payoneer card), then withdraw it to your local bank account … I’m sure that in this situation there are millions of people, so I’m sure that the Payoneer team will find a solution,
Yesterday, I thus withdrew the first 100 to the bank card for the test - **Succesful** , today I repeated it and began to withdraw another 140, it takes a little time … but I’m almost sure that this money will be successfully transferred to my account (yes, this this way, the percentage is less than taking directly from a Payoneer card at an ATM …)

It’s not related to Envato, related to Payoneer. Secondly, you won’t get an official reply before Monday. ( AU time )

Yesterday (June 27) I received 240 from a client, I also linked an account in Payoneer with a local bank yesterday, while on the card I had 460 + 240 from a client, yesterday I transferred 100 for the test — successfully, today I started transfers another 140, the operation is under consideration by the Payoneer team (yes, it takes a little longer, up to 2 business days) When I try to withdraw all the money, ( 600) Payoner writes that only the amount that is on the account of the account, but not on the card account. The minimum withdrawal amount of 50 for my bank is 2% Payoneer and 1% local bank, for example, when receiving money directly from the Payoeener card, I paid 3.5% + $ 1 for cash withdrawals … Thus, the money that will come on July 15 will be not credited to the Payoneer card, but to the account … I hope this helps everyone to calm down :slight_smile:

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