(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

Thanks for your message. Tell me please, your transfer amount was up to 10k? Thanks in advance for your reply.

You can withdraw to a nominated bank account.

Yes, I transferred less money than 10k, but I’m not sure how this is relevant to anything? If you have 17k, 10k was on your card an you cant transfer it yet. But the other 7k, which weren’t on the card, can be withdrawn to your local bank.


Thanks for the useful information :+1:

Hi, You are correct - if you are not using the card, then you can continue as normal, you will not be affected. Your payout should operate as normal, and you will not need to submit a ticket

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Has this been happening before? I’m new to Payoneer and I use Prepaid Master Card, but has anyone experienced card freeze before?

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People from russian IT site (habr.com) says that withdrawal to local bank account works properly (it’s related to payoneer virtual account (not card account)). Seems we can get payout to Payoneer and don’t lose it. Good news.


Thank you.

Thanks @jamesgiroux for giving us this opportunity to hold earnings for another month.

I recommend to everyone who is using Payoneer with a prepaid card to choose this alternative cause I have also prepaid with Euro but it is blocked like my prepaid with $, even that Payoneer team is saying prepaid with Euro currency works normally, and things are more complicated then we think.

30 Days is enough time for Payoneer team to find a solution or we have to change the payment method

Thank You for information)

Huge thank you, @jamesgiroux for chiming in and Envato for providing an alternative so swiflty.

@jamesgiroux: I know this is out of your hands but just as a personal opinion, do you think, as they assure, that all future payments to Payoneer will be indeed available for Bank withdrawals? Like @GoForMotion and many other authors in this thread, I don’t really want to switch to PayPal and, reading about the case and their announcements, it sounds like right now there’s nothing Payoneer can really do. Also, a few authors above stated that they already received payments after June 27th and could transfer them to local bank accounts normally.

Anyway, right now I still have my payout set to PayPal but I just keep hesitating…

What abou you guys? How many of you will trust Payoneer and send this months earnings their way hoping the bank withdraw will work?

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Thanks for your message! Please, add a new withdrawal method. Swift for Envato Elements would be a great solution for many authors. :pray:

Thanks for the information

As I understood from Payoneer’s Blog and their videos, money on your account and money on your card are two separate piles of moneys :thinking: :laughing: So, if you have a card, things are much more tricky and risky, but if you don’t (like I don’t have a card) - then you are not affected by this mess. I did’t change my payout destination, so I guess you can say I will trust Payoneer. That’s just my personal opinion, and I don’t encourage anybody to follow, everyone have to decide on his own.


Thanks @Theo_Sound! You’re right. Perhaps it should have been “how many of you, with a Wirecard emitted card, will trust Payoneer for their upcoming payment”.

I do. From now on we have got nothing to do with this card issue. We’ll be able to transfer the balance in Payoneer account to our local bank accounts.

But again, we’ll have to wait for the money that is in the card account for sometime. Noone knows when this problem will be solved for now.

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Payoneer is working with alternative issuers including our own to replace Wirecard.
it’s hard to find a better time to improve our resilience and we are taking measures to ensure that once FCA will lift restrictions, our customers will have immediate access to their funds and solution to continue their business.


This is an update from de CEO of Payoneer 8 minutes ago (Facebook):
" While the FCA has given off encouraging signs of progress in its audit of Wirecard Card Solutions, we have decided not to wait for the outcome. Even if there’s a shortfall, our intent is for Payoneer to fill the gap so that you get 100% of your money back."

The big question is when will they fiil the gap? so we can get our money back. I hope asap :pray:


Yet, I still get this when trying to withdraw.


Right now my Envato monthly balance and 2 personal projects are going to PayPal. I’d really prefer to stick with Payoneer all the way but so far all we’ve got are nice words.


Personally, I trust the Payoneer service, for several years there have never been problems, the support service worked well, there was a case when an ATM removed money and did not give out cash, they told by phone when the money would come back … In this situation, they remain “transparent” ", do not evade, but tell, trying to calm everyone …
so I hope for them!