(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

Good new guys. Payoneer has removed the freeze:


Also read on payoneer facebook:

Are British computers too slow? )

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Ha! Well, they weren’t fast enough to keep this fool from making a wrong decision.

Self critique: I waited until the very last minute to see if they lifted the freeze and, as the card remained blocked on my end until this morning, I sent my monthly earnings to PayPal. By lunchtime the freeze was lifted. Too little too late. Wish I had trusted their announcements.

I really hope it’s easy to transfer funds from PayPal to my local bank account.

Aside from that, I’m grateful Envato has such an active and engaging community. All the info shared above definitely made things easier.

Good luck in July everybody! :four_leaf_clover:


I can withdraw to my local bank account, it’s available again. I received a mail from Payoneer saying this was going to be possible on monday july 6 but they could make it before that date. Very cool news!! :+1::+1::+1:


this can be done today :wink:

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Cool! I could withdraw yesterday :+1:


Hey guys, as I understood our wire cards are safe to use for the future as well.

“Good news! We have successfully reactivated all services you previously had on your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® card to give you full access to all the value we offer. Your funds will once again be received directly to your card, from where you’ll be able to withdraw to your local bank account, make payments and use the card at ATMs and for purchases.”

Does this mean we won’t get new cards and continue to use old Wirecard cards. How safe is that?


For now we can use our cards as we used them previously - 100% functional.

Anyway I think it’s obvious we can expect new cards provider in near future… situation with wirecard is ok for now but every reasonable businessman like payoneer CEO will consider alternatives to avoid disasters in the future.

this is logic - no inside info needed :slight_smile:

Unfortunetly I switched to paypal right before ending of the month assuming Wirecard cards would be worthless to receieve money on them.

Уже все работает, выводил деньги 2 июля и сегодня

Everything already works, I withdraw money on July 2 and today

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Thank you for your update.

Hey @jamesgiroux a lot of us have switched to another payment service right before ending of the month assuming Payoneer will need some time to fix all the issues. However, they did a great job of returning everything back to normal and cards are now safe to use and safe to receive payments to them.

Is there any kind of way we could switch back to Payoneer right before this month’s payments?


For me it doesn’t work. I can’t use card on the ATM or for payments. I have the message on Payoneer account that it works since since July 1, but I tried few times since, and it is not working. I am trying to contact their support to see what the problem might be.


You must to call their support …On the phone they decide faster than through the E-mail

My card also doesn’t work neither via ATM nor in stores since July 2nd. And their support doesn’t give any clear answers on the reasons when it will be fixed.

Hi everyone,
there is a new option in Payoneer dashboard.

  • Turn on card top-up if you wish to access your funds at ATMs and for purchases online/in store
  • Turn off card top-up if you’re happy to keep all funds in your Payoneer balance for withdrawals and payments

Try it and confirm here is it working for you.

I tried my card this morning on POS, and I managed to make the payment without issues. It most likely depending the on the country how long it takes for banks to validate cards after they have been blocked or disabled.

Try again in a day or two.

Will it be cheaper to withdraw balance directly from Swift to Bank or from Payoneer by withdrawing it to Payoneer account balance and transferring it to local bank? What are the charges for these two types of transactions?

(I have not ordered Payoneer card yet so please suggest me one of these two available options for me)

it depends on where your bank is based (country) and its inside policy because you have as many types of charges as number of banks.

so it’s difficult to tell you the truth…

I have transferred my Payoneer balance to the local bank earlier and the local bank does not charges extra except the conversion with 2% less than current rates. How much Envato would charge to send to Payoneer(Is it 1.5 or 4$ or any other value, I am unclear) or when they send via. swift(a single 25$ or more by the intermediary banks)? Any suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: