(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

It would still be appreciated if they let cards receive funds until they issue a replacement. Or migrate to the new issuers whilst maintaining the old cards. But at least we can withdraw the previously frozen funds today.


I made a request to hold payout. I understand that the money was withdrawn, and they must return on the 15th. But I see that they were sent to Payoneer. Is this normal? Will they still be back on the 15th date?

Hi @romlam did you face still same problem at Payoneer ?
I just received mail from Payoneer Team.

We’re happy to inform you that the FCA has completed its audit and lifted the freeze on your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® card. We know that this period has been difficult for you. We appreciate your patience and support while we worked to get the situation resolved swiftly.

Can I access the funds on my card?

  • Yes, you can withdraw the funds on your card from an ATM or spend them online and in-store. While you may wish to withdraw your funds very quickly, we have been assured by the FCA that no further problems are expected.
  • From Monday July 6, 2020, you will once again be able to withdraw your funds to your local bank account and use your balance to make payments. Until then, we will waive the flat ATM withdrawal fee.
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Yes, I read it. But I asked to hold my payment yesterday. James wrote that those who applied for a hold can no longer cancel it. But I would not want to cancel it. I may be too panicky, but I no longer have no more trust in Pioneer

Is it clear how long it will take? I mean, is it clear that the card won’t close again? I don’t know who trusts after that …

Thanks @envato, I have heard good news from Payoneer, that card has been unlocked and funds can be withdraw to banks from 06 July. :grinning:

Good News.

I used the card at an ATM and it works. Same for shopping etc.


@romlam my opinion you can use paypal if support in your country or swift.
our bad luck :frowning: Payoneer and swift withdraw work for us only Paypal doesn’t available in our country.

I’m not sure about that issue will not happen again or not but they said the FCA has completed their audits. Actually every financial company have audit issue but how much, where & how they effect we don’t know enough.

I think they proved that they are quite trustable and acted swiftly.
I don’t expect more from a company in such a situation. They have done their job on their end.

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I agree with you. I applied for a stop payment. I want to wait and be sure for 1 month.

Wirecard is company “X” which is “holding” the cards… payoneer is one of the many companies using their cards - Wirecard “problems” affected all companies which were using their cards.

This was Wirecard fault - not payoneer.

We can discuss about payoneer security … they was addicted to wirecard (special agreement)…

but in the end of the road this was not their fault.

Trust… this is very liquid word if we are talking about digital money - and I mean e-wallets and banks also (remember 2008?).

Advices? -> keep your eye on Revolut and Transferwise… I don’t want to make advertisements here, just get familiar with them if you are already not :slight_smile: if you want I can make special post or topic about keeping money - where to keep it under your name, where you can keep it anonymously… transfers, connections :slight_smile: … little complicated but after you make some contructions you can feel pretty safe.

Remember - always keep your money in different places… not in one place - never… President and Prime minister are never fly in same plane… diversity my friends :slight_smile:

peace. :slight_smile:

UP. -> payoneer card is working now.


Good new guys. Payoneer has removed the freeze:


Also read on payoneer facebook:

Are British computers too slow? )

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Ha! Well, they weren’t fast enough to keep this fool from making a wrong decision.

Self critique: I waited until the very last minute to see if they lifted the freeze and, as the card remained blocked on my end until this morning, I sent my monthly earnings to PayPal. By lunchtime the freeze was lifted. Too little too late. Wish I had trusted their announcements.

I really hope it’s easy to transfer funds from PayPal to my local bank account.

Aside from that, I’m grateful Envato has such an active and engaging community. All the info shared above definitely made things easier.

Good luck in July everybody! :four_leaf_clover:


I can withdraw to my local bank account, it’s available again. I received a mail from Payoneer saying this was going to be possible on monday july 6 but they could make it before that date. Very cool news!! :+1::+1::+1:


this can be done today :wink:

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Cool! I could withdraw yesterday :+1:


Hey guys, as I understood our wire cards are safe to use for the future as well.

“Good news! We have successfully reactivated all services you previously had on your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® card to give you full access to all the value we offer. Your funds will once again be received directly to your card, from where you’ll be able to withdraw to your local bank account, make payments and use the card at ATMs and for purchases.”

Does this mean we won’t get new cards and continue to use old Wirecard cards. How safe is that?


For now we can use our cards as we used them previously - 100% functional.

Anyway I think it’s obvious we can expect new cards provider in near future… situation with wirecard is ok for now but every reasonable businessman like payoneer CEO will consider alternatives to avoid disasters in the future.

this is logic - no inside info needed :slight_smile: