Payment not accepted

After a lot of research i am writing this.
Read it Complete and answer the best solution
I have purchased a theme from account A, at the time of next purchase payment processing not accepted. After that I created a new account and purchased another theme succeffully. Again at the time of purchasing Account B reacts the same i.e not accepted 2nd transaction like account A.
After that I created a third Account C and try to purchase an item but this time found new problem i.e Credit card payment method is missing at checkout page, Only skrill and paypal available there.
Now I cant purchase from any account A, B ,C.
My consern is to know that is that any way to purchase an item without having skrill and paupal.

Hi @Zoonam. It sounds like the system could be temporarily restricting further purchases for security, or something like that. If you continue to have troubles with this, I would recommend opening a Help ticket, as they are best suited to help you.