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Why i can not buy by Skrill payment?

You can check this Common PayPal, Skrill, and credit card issues:

The best for you would be to get a different payment service. I use Skrill for example and It is really good. It is really strange that you were unable to pay with Skrill because I use it for everything and there were no problems for me so far. I recommend Skrill to everyone who has a lot of online transactions and now you can register for it on and get perks like fast verification and VIP status. If for some reason Skrill still does not work, you can try other payment services like EcoPayz or Neteller and they will work. For all of those you should register on Baxity because for all of them you get verified quickly and also VIP accounts. This is the first time I see that someone has problems with Skrill payment, it always works for me.