Payment issue

Hi, I use Envato elements since 5 years, the renewal of my account is today, so last week I tried to update my payment information because my old credit card was expired, but I always I get errors:
I tried 3 different credit cards one of them Pyoneer card but the same error
I used my 3 Emails to create 3 new accounts and tried to subscribe with my credit cards, but once I start to pay I get account suspended

I opened a ticket in the Help Center

and explained the issue and told them how it will effect bad on my work if the my subscription has expired

After 2 days I got this answer from the Customer Success:
It looks like you’ve been able to successfully update your payment since this request was raised. Are you still in need of any assistance?

Then I got this Email:
Your subscription has expired
This could be because your renewal lapsed, has been canceled, or your payment details are incorrect.

I replied to the ticket with all new information, I don’t know how much should I wait now
Really I feel very bad,
how can I solve this problem which affect bad on my work???
Should I give up and find another platform?

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account.
Please keep patience, Envato Elements support team will reply you as quickly they can.


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Thanks for your kind comment, I have 2 orders should be completed next week I’ll wait 2 days then I’ll try to find a solution.
I know that Elements is the best and that make me feel bad :frowning: