Payment gateway

o would like to buy themes, but the payment gateway for cards it says NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW.
its allowed me only paypal or skrill

You can use PayPal to use your Credit card during the purchase without logging in.

Without logging in? Are you sure? That is a really cool option, but when you log in, they have all your info, and it would be smarter to do it like that, right? I like that we can now do a lot of things like that on our own websites. You can sell anything online now, and you will find someone to buy it. My business grew in the times of COVID-19 because people were bored I guess. Good thing is that I have a reliable payment service with ethoca chargeback, which is a really cool feature. Most of the people still use PayPal, but I think it’s time that we start using different payment services, there are better ones.