Paying 60 USD for a theme i do not want to use anyway

I am deeply unsatisfied with the lack of demo or refund. I bought the Avada theme for 60usd, used it for one day because it’s so difficult to use (and i have 3 years of making websites with WP-themes) and asked for a refund.
Iv’ve heard nothing 7 days later but (except they disagree with my criticism of their avada-theme) they’ve however collected the money from my credit card.

Why am i i paying 60USD for a theme that i can not try out to see if it fits me, so i waste so much money if i decide not to use it anyway???
For PC-games it’s so easy to get a refund using STEAM. And Envato/themeforest is the STEAM of wp-themes. Except the horrible customer service.

Either give me my money back or give me a two day test-period or some kind of demo for a theme. :frowning: :frowning:

(and i do know that the money back request is going to Avada, but i actually paid envato - it says right there on my bank statement!)

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Please contact with Envato customer success of an official help/answer/

They would like to assist you and solved your issue


Thanks for answering. I have even gotten an email saying that they have now refunded me.
Thanks to everyone involved for that.