payement problem

hi ,
I tried to subscribe to the monthly plan but the operation failed , i do not why but i received a notification from my bank that informed me that I got charged of 01 $.
what’s happened please?

i tried again and you charged me again 01 $ 2 times, please take the necessary action to solve my issue.
thnak you

That $1 charge will be an authorization to check that the card is valid and has funds, it’s a pretty standard tactic for e-commerce. It’s not an actual charge so your bank will eventually drop it.

The fact that you see an authorization but Envato didn’t accept your card most likely means it failed some form of verification. Make sure your billing details match what’s on your bank account exactly.

For further assistance please open a support ticket at Envato Elements Help and Support and they’ll help look into it.


all my billings information is correct, furthermore, i have used an European card


As @baileyherbert has said this will be an authorization check - you should be fine and the amount should not actually end up being debit.

A pre-authorization charge, also known as a pre-auth or authorization hold, is a temporary hold placed on a customer’s payment card. It’s used to verify that the account is valid and has sufficient funds to cover a pending transaction, without actually debiting the cardholder’s account upfront.

The hold typically lasts around five days, but it can last up to 31 days, depending on the merchant.

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so where can i be able to do that transaction