Payed for monthly subscription without creating an account, now I'm not able to unsubscribe

Last month I’ve accepted to subscribe to the monthly unlimited download subscription. I did it by inserting:

  • my name,
  • surname,
  • country,
  • address,
  • city,
  • credit card number


Now I’m receiving alerts from my bank communicating me that the subscription has been renewed at the price of 29€. The ONLY WAY to unsubscribe seems to be through the account, but I don’t have one.

Please how can I solve this?

Hello @padovanfrancesca

Please contact Envato Elements Help and Support. They will be able to assist.

@MrsEnabled Done, two times.
This is unbielevable

I understand. Then please wait for the team to respond, they are the ones that can assist with the issue you’re facing.

If you have not received a reply yet, please be a bit more patient. I know that this is a frustrating situation for you but the support team will answer your ticket as soon as they can. As far as I know, there is a high volume of enquiries these days.

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Have you tried your Envato Marketplace email and password… mine are the same.

No, I didn’t try because before yesterday I’ve never had an account (I had to create one to write in the forum). The subscription to the monthly version has been done by filling the form that you can see by clicking on the top-right button “Get unlimited downloads”, and you don’t register yourself.

I hope to receive a refund because it was not possible for me to unsubscribe. That’s a bug in the platform, not my fault or something I forgot.

This is the form I filled, as you can see there’s no mail, no password, nothing but these information.
In this way Envato received my credit card number to be paid monthly, but at the same time the account was not created and I don’t have the possibility to unsubscribe.

I’m stack in a “logical-based issue”, a user flow that you didn’t consider.