Pay to verify your purchase code. Wait, what?

Why are exist purchase codes if Envato can not check them and give an information?

I’m motion designer and I understand nothing about API build things, PHP scripts, or WordPress plugins. I just want to check a purchase code to get an information. It turns out Envato doesn’t have a way to do it quickly and easily.

Ok, I tried to use Dashboard Plus for Chrom, I tried to use this link -, but it says - “Invalid license key”, but I know that the code should be valid.

No problem, I tried to send it to the Support to check there my code. And I was a little disappointed by the response that I got. In short, the answer was as follows:

Ok, it just $5 for Codecanyon Apps, but why, why I have to pay to check a code? Why Envato still doesn’t have a simple form as Dashboard Plus has (but working form)? If Envato doesn’t have this form, why I can’t get information from the Support? It’s very strange.

Well, maybe I’m wrong and it’s not so easy to create a simple form that everybody can easily check a purchase code.

Can anybody of developers answer me, how easily to check a purchase code in 2017?

Also, I want to ask other authors - If anyone knows how to successfully check codes, please write here how to do that.

Thank you.

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Because that is life.
Envato provides the API and some wrappers, which you decide if you will use or not.
If you do not or you do not know how, then you have to either hire a freelancer or learn how to do it.

That is how everything works in life. EVERYTHING.

We have leared to get eveyrthing for free, because of iopen source etc etc, but in the end of the story, if you run a business you have to spend for something

@BasilisKanonidis Let’s pay for Envato Support answers. Because that’s how it works in life - you want to get something you need to pay something. :slight_smile:

You have the right words, but they are not relevant to this situation. We, all authors and Envato, are the part of the overall business, general mechanism. The authors make products and provide support and maintenance for customers. Envato organizes the process and support for authors. That’s how it works.


I agree there should be some nice little entry form where you can check your own purchase codes. But alas, there isn’t. It’s kinda strange they haven’t provided it for us since the introduction of paid support and wanting the author to not provide support to those it has expired on but yet not provide us with tools to check whether support has expired :frowning:

Support is part of your own Business.
Tools is also part of your own Business.

Lets get for example, that you are a SASS Business, that uses paypal.
Paypal has the tools - but when time comes, you have either to use a software or connect to their API and build your payment system

I think, what takes authors steps back, is that they want everything from Envato, while they do nothing for their Businesses.

Please excuse me, I don’t want to be rude, but after these words, I have nothing more to say you. :slight_smile: I did not know that this is a big problem for Envato just to confirm whether a purchase code is valid or is not.


Just tried to check it in Better Envato (by @surjithctly) it says - “Sorry. Something went wrong!”

@Wayman Surjith here. There might be two reasons for this. 1. Your envato token may be wrong or 2) the Purchase code is not valid.

If you contact me by mail [at], I’ll be glad to help.


How to check a purchase code provided by your customer(s):

  1. Go to!/market_0/Author_Sale
  2. Click the “Log in with your Envato account to test this API method” button under “get /author/sale”
  3. Enter the purchase code into value textbox.
  4. Click “Try it out!”
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Hey @Wayman,

I am the author of the WeePie Envato Purchase Code and Support Checker - an Envato validator tool.

In the first place, I agree with you that Envato should facilitate an easy and customer friendly way to manage purchase codes and support validation.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case yet (and we really think Envato should facilitate more for the percentage that authors sales bring them, in our case ± 50%). In this moment our products bring so less money in the pocket that we can’t afford it to offer such a tool for free.

We thought $5 (2,5 for us ;)) would be a nice symbolic price.

Wish you all the best!