Pay to solve update problems


Good Morning.
I write to you because I sincerely feel disappointed by certain behavior of the developers of one of the WordPress themes that Envato markets and I think it is good to let you know my point of view.

For technical reasons it is advised to update the versions of the themes, this update is done without charge since the license is for life. Now if a problem occurs with the update, the developers invite you to pay for the support ticket (whose cost is similar to the license)

I think that developers should help free if due to these updates problems occur in the operation of the theme. Not so if one wanted to make different changes to update the version.

I would like to know your opinion about it. Thank you

If an update creates a conflict then authors would almost always rectify it for free or with a new update.

Was this due to the update generally or because of other third party plugins or other customisation on the site?

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Was your support expired?