Pay-Per-View PlugIn for the Thema "Grecko"

So far we’re using the Theme “Grecko” with our websites. For a new project we’d like to work with “Grecko” again.
BUT: The new project will be an online newspaper (we do the printed version for many years).
We want the customer to be able to read the first few lines of every article. If she/he wants to continue reading she/he will have to pay.
Way of payment is not important - can be PayPal, CC or something like LaterPay. Important is, the whole process has to be fully automated. No manual interference should be necessary.
Is a PlugIn like this, working with Grecko, available?
Any idea?
Regards from Sydney

Hi there,

wow, I love using ThemeRex themes and that “Grecko” one looks so clean, very nice :slight_smile:

Here is the plugin that can fit your needs perfectly - I love it so much, it is so flexible and has everything you would need for a long time period even if you grow bigger and bigger :slight_smile: and your needs rise :slight_smile: