Pay double for support for the same problem ( 2 year after )

Two years ago I bought a script ( Discussion on Coupon Portal PHP Scrip ), for less than $40, but today when I try to install gives me an error (In step 2 ) - The requested URL /install/install/ was not found on this server. the problem is that according to Envato, if i want help ( again ) I have to renew the support.

So here is my question:

Why i have to pay for “support” if it’s about receive back missing documents from the script ?

You buy the script, which you can never install at first, so , you ask for help, but after x time you need to install again, so the same problem returns ( failed to install ) , the problem this time you have to renew your support to get help, regarding a problem that you have always had and that does not depend on you.

I have to say the ugly word that defines this?

In my case, i have to pay x2 ( $85) to get support, for the same problem I’ve always had, failed to install.

I think this is not fair.


The URL should be /install/, not /install/install/.
Try correcting the URL and see if you can install it then.

Also, since you bought the item before paid support became a thing, there’s a chance that the author may still help you. However, I checked the item’s history and the author has never guaranteed any form of support, so he doesn’t have a full obligation.

May I just add a side note - You initially paid $20 for the item, because that was its original price up until recently. Of this, the author probably received $12 or so. Two years of support for $12 seems kind of extreme, so I personally don’t think it’s unfair.

Thanks for your reply, i get install/install ( 404 ) on step two of the installation.

Is not unfair, that I could never install this product, and after 2 years I still can not install it and I also have to pay for help ?

Try emailing the author from their profile page (scroll down, to the right) at
Include the item name, the issue, and ask if they have a known solution.