Pay and download a template by error

Hi everybody,

I´ve just buy and downloaded a template by error. I thought that was a html template and it´s a WP one. I buy again the html one but I want to give back the WP template. How can I do it?

Thx in advance.

Is the authro the same for both versions? If so then asking them to help would be the easiest route.

Otherwise try not to download the WP version and look at

First of all, thanks for your support, Charlie.

Yes is the same author, named Katon. Do you know how is the best way to connect with him?

Thank you very much.

Assuming this is them you can use the form bottom right to message them. In theory they should be able to help refund the WP version once the HTML version is purchased instead

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Ok, perfect, Charlie. Thank you for your help.

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