Pausefest Day 1

It’s day 1 of Pausefest, a week long festival and conference bringing together creative minds and innovative thinkers.

The festival is based at Federation Square in Melboure, Australia, and as a major sponsor Envato will be based there all week in an effort to bring the best bits of the festival, to you the community.

This is Federation Square in Melbourne, the home of Pausefest 2016…

For the next week we’re making the Beer Deluxe café our home, which we’re dubbing “Envatalise”…

As we set up the space this morning, a hundred or so people gathered under the big screen to watch the Super Bowl.

We’ve done up the inside of the Beer Deluxe café to mirror the style of our offices with bean bags, plants, desks and a couch set up for our colleagues to continue their work.

We’ve also set up a workshop section where two projects are happening throughout the week. One, a stop-motion film, is being created right before our eyes with 15 year old Kyan using a piece of green paper as a green screen, some lego as his actors and setting, and Envato products from AudioJungle as his sound effects and music to create what will surely be a masterpiece by Friday. The second is a website being created for Nick, who’s starting an online magazine focused on vintage scooters and records. Him and his daughter Sarah are using Envato Logo to create a logo for the new site, and will be using a theme from ThemeForest to put all those ideas into one simple to use site. We’ll be keeping you updated daily on these two projects as the week continues.

And throughout the week I’ll be bringing you summaries of keynotes and interviews with authors, speakers and interesting people at the festival.

So, stay tuned to for what’s sure to be a brilliant week, as we bring the best of Pausefest to you, the community.

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Would be great to be there :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

Btw. almost all images are upside down.

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Because it’s Australia.


Makes sense

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This is so good. Upside down. Because Australia. hahahahaha :slight_smile:

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Um, it’s actually an interactive art piece everyone! Flip your monitors upside down to get the full experience…

Just kidding.

Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for reading. More wrong way up images to come this week! :slight_smile: