Password reset Loop

Anybody experience problem with downloading? I can browse products but if I try to dowload something to new or existing project I got error message and prompt for password change. It worked today, but now I can’t do anything.

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Just log-out on the browser and clean the cache ( cookies ) and try login one more time

i have the same issue with a licence from UpSolution bought here. the Fix from Ki-themes dosnt run. cleared my cache, changed the browser and disconnect my google account. but the licence activation of the theme from UpSolution ends in a loop. pls fix oder help were to activate the theme instead.
cheers Dave

It was for Envato ( elements ), if you’re referring to theme, contact the theme author

i’ve a licence from envato and purchased it from envato. furthermore to activate the licence i have to log in to your system, because i have a account at envato and not at the theme author. so it’s definitly a bug and i tried different workaround as mentioned. it tries to activate over “autorize app / Envato API”, but comes back to the login page.

I’m volunteer here, I don’t work for Envato.

Have you tried with another browser/computer?

Hi @slutfunk, please contact the theme author and let them know. Because the support form from the author calling envato api and I think there can be a bug with the envato api integration. Otherwise at least author will be able to give you the right guideline.


ok, hope that helps, he’s already contacted by mail