Party Flyers Rejected!??

I’ve uploaded my first two party flyers on Graphic River and they have been both hard rejected. Can someone please help me understand why?

Your flyer is too basic design, you can see idea for example flyers on graphicriver regards.

Your first flyer had a chance, but the background is too basic. If you had a more complex background and some headphones flying around with motion blur it would have had a better chance.

And learn about lighting affects, (Youtube) as that also helps.

I failed 8 times initially, (avatar image, link) so keep learning and trying and it will happen.


i think you design it’s too much “has been”, in both flyers, too old style on background and Typo, if you know what I mean.
The “DJ NAME” it’s too big, it’s unexploitable for customers. Imagine that the name of the DJ is something like “Alexander Java”…
The second one it’s very oldy style, and also, there is no work at all on the girls photos.
Juste browse on graphicriver others flyers from others authors and you’ll certanly figured out that your design will never approved.
Sorry if I’m tough with you, but really, you need to improve a lot your skills and at least try to follow the trend.