Partnership with Designer



We are looking for partnership with a Designer.

We are working on a WP Travel Theme, while back-end development is going swiftly we are lacking in time and skills on Design and Front-ending. Link below is the design we did for home page(not on WP). The link to back-end and other stuff will be shared with interested fellows.

Suggestions welcome!

Please reply here or add Skype ID “utkarsh911”.


hi, this is not so bad a design, i would have personally applied but i think that in the end creating websites nowadays amounts to the same every time and if i were u , i would just select an existing design here or somewhere else, u would save time …



Thanks for the reply.

Well it is not just about the design for home page, we would like a partner who can work with us closely for a lot of other pages remaining. Indeed the thought comes to our mind about using a design from here and there, but personally I believe a good design will be able to give a personality to the theme. Plus, we have put in a lot of hard work already while putting together the back-end with a custom developed feature rich plugin and would not want the design side to be lacking by any means.

Hoping to find a good partner here :slight_smile:


hi, u are right and have the right way of thinking in my view, now the problem is that this era has killed web design … that’s all the same style, only ports and so on and the creativity has gone, this is just that simple …
i hope u are successful in your quest :wink:


Hi! I want to work with you on this theme, I have created several websites for huge company’s in The Netherlands e.g. FNRS i am very up-to-date with the style of 2015/2016 and I can create a really cool websites in this style that you are doing! (Long page websites are my favorite website to create I can also deal with the stock images.) I am going to add you to Skype so we can chat if you want.

Kind regards,


Hi Aron,

Thanks for your reply and interest in working with us. Looking forward to discuss further on Skype.