[PARTNERSHIP] - Looking for HTML template to convert into WordPress

Hi folks!

We have an established business here (since 2009) and we looking for an already finished/approved HTML template to convert into WordPress. We’ve got lots of skills and experience in these types of conversions and WordPress development in general.


  • WordPress theme will be sold under our account
  • We’ll be doing support but you can be asked to occasionally fix HTML/CSS/JS bugs or inflexibility from your code
  • It’s better if you can work with Git, but it’s not necessary
  • We need to be able to start working on it immediately


  • HTML template which is established – has at least 100 sales and/or was released recently. Please do not contact us with old templates (some exceptions allowed)
  • We prefer more complex templates, but if you have a truly well designed small template with lots of potential then that’s fine too


  • We have an advanced and flexible way to build WordPress themes
  • We have our own framework and plugin suite that will be included with the theme. Not only this adds extra value, we also believe that this is the right thing to do for many reasons (separating portable features from themes into universal plugins)
  • If you are interested, please email us through our profile page and we can discuss the details on a case by case basis.

Thanks and cheers, FRESHFACE team

Offer is still active