Parting to AJ after permanent rejections

Hello everybody! After 11 months of constant hard rejections, I decided to leave Envato Market. I doubt the expediency of my work on audio stocks in general. I understand that writing and performing music for “mass consumption” doesn’t work for me properly. It dawned on me, that It 's the same as singing in a restaurant to order. One can have success in this field of course. But since the “bandit nineties” I often had endured humiliation, because of trying to do art. So I had to make the other musical career. And I have to seek something special now. In these new circumstances. But I think it’s normally. Whatever happened, I am very happy for all my colleagues who have achieved success on Audiojungle! Especially during this difficult period of the pandemic. And I wish you all the best of luck. I’ll not ask to delete my account yet. Maybe musical needs of society will change over time. Moreover, I decided to go to Yalta for permanent residence. I won’t use VPN for Audiojungle there. In addition, this is not allowed on Envato. So I have to say “Adios”. Until the better times. And in parting I will show you my latest rejected material (the genre is the “Folk, Acoustic”):
Greek Music 80-80

Mate your music is pleasant and nice to listen :smiley:. But if you want your music to fit what envato needs you should change toward more standard, simple and foreseeable arrangments.
I would advise you to listen daily to a 30 minutes audiojungle tracks in order to work your ear and get used to these standards. Even if it could make you think these standards are boring, it is what is working for video usage or to put speech on top of it.
Anyway if it is also a great idea to take a holiday and then recharge your batteries, reflect upon new ideas. And maybe if you feel the will you come back soon with the route to Elite. Audiojungle is going to be here for you


Thank you very much for your comment! I agree with you, perhaps the music for Audiojungle really should be less emotional than my composition. I believe, it would be great, if something of this aspects was set out in more detail in the rules of Envato. It’s obvious, that the reasons for hard rejects became more complicated. But it’s no problem, I know that the real hard rejects from women may be harder, than the virtual A-J rejects! Though it’s the matter of their quantity:)! It’s my common joke. As for future music, I suppose, sometimes it would be practical putting a sample of the speaker’s voice into the project, and listen to the composition in this way, analyzing whether the music draws too much attention to itself. However I’ve switched to working on the songs now. Maybe I’ll return to the instrumental genres a bit later. I wish you successful sales and creative inspiration!

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I enjoyed your track, very nice!

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Thanks a lot :)!

I think it is a beautiful track Oleg. Lovely composition. I think it would be perfect for the holiday, summer, garden, outdoor, food and drink video buyers. If you wanted to try one last time. At the moment you use that beautiful classical guitar or whatever the instrument to increase in prominence over time. Have you tried a version where you do the opposite. Try to reduce its importance or make it stand out less than now probably stating from 0:43 secs. Imagine someone using your track for a start of a gardening program where they have your music starting. Often there is a time when a presenter starts to speak. I wonder if they feel these higher frequency solo sounds will interfere with voice overs. After 0:43 secs you have some cool strings that then go away. You could develop these to keep the melody going simplifying the number of sounds, providing an easier background if someone is speaking. You might want to do a few versions. A shorter intro, a mix like I suggested and the version you have now last. Just my thoughts Oleg. There are far better opinions than mine on here.

Hi mate !
Well don’t give up on envato and audiojungle !I probably have less skills than you and I had faced A LOT OF REJECTION… I had give up few time but then I réalise the issue was not my skills…
It was just I was not enough commercial ! My music was too clumsy or was not following the standard .
It took me lot of time …

I’m not saying envato is now working great for me. This is not true. But now I’m constantly approved :slight_smile:
And I keep to work , to learn new genre. And I enjoy it a lot
I’m also on other website and my earning had up very well these last year ! (Average 200 -300 until sometime 650 ! )
Sooo don’t let rejection kill your faith or motivation. Just keep to work :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

Thank you!:slight_smile: Indeed, I keep on working. However, the places of my virtual music work must be changed. Envato closed off the Crimea, which turned out to be counterproductive. Therefore, as a Crimean citizen, I cannot work on this site. The digital control systems on Envato turned out to be so perfect that all attempts to avoid this issue will end in permanent hard rejection, and nothing more. It is not difficult to guess which countries Envato may shut down in the future. But already I’m ready for all. That’s life. A couple of days ago, I still wanted to leave my account until better times, but after investigating the situation in detail, I decided to leave Envato permanently. However I believe, everything that is done is for the best! :smile: I wish you to develop and earn much with your talent. And let creative inspiration visit you as often as possible!

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Yeah! I agree with you about “0:43 sec”. I could easily change this part of the composition. Reviewers can make a soft reject in this case. But no matter how kind of items I uploaded, I constantly received hard rejections, in all cases. Only after deep research into this problem I realized, it had been because of my Crimean physical location. Even though I uploaded my last item through my relatives near the Moscow region (without VPN), it was useless. After that my mind was made up: I decided to delete my account, giving Envato my principled opinion on this issue in detail yesterday. However I hope it was all for the best! I wish you happiness and good luck in your work!

Good luck Oleg.

Thanks! :slight_smile: