Parallax effect does not work on mobile chrome or safari


The parallax effect does not work on google chrome on my mobile devices if I use the slider settings from the plugin and post the code on my page. It does work on firefox on my phone and it also works if I use my templates built in page builder. I would just use that but the image is very small and theres no way to adjust the height without coding. (maybe you could provide me with coding to increase height?)

If you go to my page there are 2 images Im using for testing purposes. The one up higher on the page does not work on mobile and was used by pasting the coding from the slider settings. The one at the very end of the page does but that one as you see is very short and used with my pagebuilder.

My website address is for reference. Thank you!

P.S. I did manage to find a site this DOES work on mobile so not sure what I need to do to have it work on mine. Here is the website I found that it does work:

Hi @jbarrett1986

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried to reach out to Hikari theme author for support?


Hi, I have the same pb on my web site. How did you fix it ? thxs