Paid for my item. After Effects file NOT INCLUDED?!!!

I have reached out to other purchasers. I rated the item and emailed the author as suggested, NO RESPONSE!!
I am severely irked at this!
Here’s the video:
All he included in the download was the .mov file and a .flv file.
No AE or motion file, even though it is advertised as “Easily Editable”.


That is a “motion graphics” file so doesn’t sound like it is missing anything.

I am far from a video expert so wouldn’t be able to comment on how easy it is to edit files like this but it would not include an AE or Motion file unless it was from that category (and would be much more expensive as a result).

Thanks for your quick reply!
Please view the other comments on the video file:

It isnt just me having this problem!

Please. Still need help with this!

The issue is (irrelevant of if other people have had similar problems) the author has done nothing wrong and is not obligated to include an AE or other file.

The other issue is the file is over 3 years old (as are many of the comments), and the author’s last file was released over 2 years ago.

As they haven’t left anything out or done anything wrong then frustrating though it is, there is not much that can be done.

Your best option is to write this off and look for a countdown file in the correct AE cateogry or Motion category. Make sure you double check the file release date, comments, included file types (on the right hand side of item page) and most of all category.

That is highly disappointing. Especially since I paid for a commercial
license. Since this is not my first purchase at envato, and ALL my
prior purchases have been editable in either After Effects and Motion 5,
I’m going to be asking for a refund.
The product is ADVERTISED as being editable, and it is not.

Thanks for clarifying for me though!
It’s good having someone willing to answer questions.