Paid consulting for hard rejected items available?

Hello, friends!
Does somebody know who can help on a paid basis to improve hard-rejected works?

I find just 2 guys on Envato studio, who sell hard reject feedbacks, but maybe you know someone who sells the same service or you experienced to do this?

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I personally don’t think this is a good idea.

  • No one can guarantee approval

  • With the exception of some occasional specific technical requirements, the biggest % of feedback (and reviews) is subjective and you can get more general best practice feedback for free in these forums

  • Knowledge of best practices is only part of the necessary skill set - you’d need to also come someone who understands how the marketplaces work and what sells

In honesty and with respect to those offering the service - beyond charging to check specific coding requirements, i’d be quite cautious of someone who claims that for a fee they can genuinely add significant chance of approval.


Thank you for answer, Charlie!

I thought the review process based on technical design, spacing, typography, etc.

Every design can be improved to high standard if understand what to fix.

I did post 5 different WP designs on the forum and get 0 feedback. So free model doesnt work.

I have 9 approved works and understand something (not everything), but i guess i have some basic design problems, because i got hard reject for last 5 works.
That is a lot, i dont understand where the problem is.

Now i started to improving my blog and post pages, hope there was a problem.

After 5 different items rejected, i sure, i need improve, instead of creating something new.

Hello @secretlaboratory , I would love to help you in the process of rejection (design and functionalities) of your specific items and I will give you also a strategy that you can apply on all the items, you already have items in themeforest that would help a lot because you would know the standards, (private contact info removed)

Are you a reviewer? Can you guarantee his approval will happen? :slight_smile:


You could start with how to abide by promotional policies as and when your item is approved!! :wink:

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I can not guarantee the approval for two reasons, firs one I’m not doing the design myself, second one every reviewer is a separate case, but I can guarantee that the item will be better and the author can judge by himself, he can pay me after my consulting if he finds my input helpful

My strong recommendation, get an Envato Studio service for this, and go from there. It’s the best idea possible.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I did try Envato Studio services, one guy made for me 10 minutes review for $150. It was not helpful, he just said a few times “the sections is not good”. But it is obvious.
Unfortunately, Envato Studio is not a high-quality standard.

Well, I would like to disagree with you on this one, you see, Envato Studio offers different services based on different author experience, maybe you chose the wrong author?

I definitely don’t need your money mate, so please send me a message via the forums, and I’ll gladly help you out with this to the best of my experience! :blush:


I cant PM to you as your profile is hidden.

Author offers a good review with details on screenshot, but at the end he just said a few times “this section does not seem attractive”. He didnt show problem places and was short. He has a portfolio on TF and 28 recommendations on studio, but work really lazy.

Just burned $150 for nothing.

The same experience i got with Envato Elite Pack when i use a coupon for $250, i spent it for promo page for my item. Sorry, but designers on other freelance websites doing MUCH better job for this money. The promo page was weak, i could do the same work for 1 hour. Why dont i earn $150 or $250 for an hour? :sweat_smile: The author just used my promo text, used some really simple design.