Paid Ads

So if you’re doing a bit of the old paid advertising, do you link to your profile, your portfolio, or to specific items? Is one approach better than the others?

Would prefer “specific item”

We helped 2 authors recently:

  • a videohive author recently using a teaser video from one of their items and linked that straight to the item page

  • a themeforest author linking directly to the demo (with the demo bar) and separately carousel ads with several items listed each to item page

Cheers guys!

My own website, and I put my envato items there. When they click buy button they will go to checkout page through AJ :wink:

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I’ve found this topic some time ago and didn’t receive any further explanation - Affiliates - Unofficial PSA: You can no longer send traffic via paid ads

Paid Ads… A total waste of sources for obvious reasons.

Exactly! They’ll come expecting space videos, then they’ll see the Elements banner, and go and buy a load of stuff from there instead.

You’ll see a bunch of documentaries and YouTube videos over the coming months, where they’re talking about Mars or the Big Bang, and rather than using a short space clip to illustrate what they’re discussing… they’ll be using business cards, resumes, fonts and html templates to represent them instead. It’ll be confusing at first, but the viewing public will quickly adapt, I’m sure.

Yes ‘specific item’ is better for my opinion and more productive!