[PAID] 2d Artist to create non animated shapes


I am currently looking for a reliable 2d artist to make some simple art as shown below(as seen in the awesome game Almost Impossible). I will require the PSD and Ai files so I can scale them to fit within my next upcoming game. Its so secret, not even I know its title yet!!!

I would require a variety of colours as shown below together with gradient backgrounds matching the colours of the shapes.

No Animations required.
Shapes would be Square, circle, triangle, Hexagon both with full colour (red, black, green, purple, orange,blue and white)and with just gradient strokes/outlines(as shown in examples below with gradient/glow effect)

PM asap with a timescale and if possible any examples that are similar to what I am asking for. Budget is around $50 as its a pretty straight forward job. Looking to start asap.

Many thanks