Pagespeed difference between template and installed on server

Hello I have purchased a template, its live preview gets on google pagespeed 97 for desktop and 90 for mobile, while, with no modification whatsoever, on my server its gets 83 for desktop and 73 for mobile. I use of one of the fastest webhosts.
I cannot understand the consequent difference, does anyone have an explanation?

They can only really be the hosting

When you say “one of the fastest webhosts” - is it a dedicated server? VPN? Shared? Who are the hosts?

Thank you. It is with A2, shared hosting with the Turbo hosting. According to the tests I saw online, one of the fastest out there, the reason why I am confused.

Well it can depend a lot of how the hosting is configured etc too - even the mass scale hosts have different offerings and the results will be very different depending on what options you are using

It’s also worth checking that files are minified, images optimised etc. Authors may do this for a demo but the source has to be non encrypted so may end up being bigger or with more parts to it

Thank you very much. Would Cloudfare speed things up?

Possibly but again it comes down to numerous things that may be impacting this.

A2 have a good rep but again that’s only part of the consideration

That said a html template should not really be that slow - I would definitely spend time removing unnecessary files, minifying css/is, checking that placeholders or unnecessary images are resolved

Thanks again. I will give a try to cloudfare as I already have minifyied as much as possible, etc. It is difficult to get a clean website while also having a nice design. But yes really a html template should not be that slow, I have yet to found a bootstrap hmtl template that is really clean and light.
Thank you

Have a look at authors like @elemis @ThemeMountain @medium_rare1 - their items are big so do require tidying up to what you need but they are all also exceptionally well put together

That’s very helpful thank you very much.