Page Select as Loader

hey there,

i`ve build my website last year with a template from here.
now i want to design a second one but at first the clients should have the possibility to select the page to visit.

for example, we have an event and a catering company. so at first there should be just the two logos and the client click ob it to get to the right page they want to visit.

so, now i am looking for a “page selecter” which is a little bit fancy with an effect by mouseover on the logo or something else.

can somebody help me with that?

A few people have asked about splash pages like that but I haven’t seen anything on here yet.

They tend to be quite easy to construct depending on what the theme is that you are using


I can make such thing if you want?

ok, should i contact you with my beliefs?

If you’re using WordPress, you can install the plugin for free

Both plug-ins are very old. Last update was before 1 year and they are not tested on latest version of Wordpress.

Here’s the list for others:

One from CC: