Page section or box is too high


the website I will be referring to is http://lederwaren-allgä

I have a static logo bar and under it on each page is a photo and then a scrolling page over it. The issue I’m having is that on certain pages, the section ‘starts’ over the photo slightly and other pages not. Difficult for me to describe. I am not the person who built the site. I had a local firm do it and they did not do a great job, so I have been repairing the site.

I’ve looked from the backend both through the Enfold options and through the wordpress options and cannot seem to locate a means to lower these Sections or Boxes.

This is not a huge issue other than appearance or cosmetic as some pages look spot-on and others not.

I am hopeful that someone can give me a wee direction to sort this.

All the best, cheers, thanks, danke und gracias!