Page is getting 504 error or 503 error

Dear Team,
I have purchased the “Soledad” theme for my wordpress site “”. I have activated the theme since 3 days ago. Before activating the theme, everything in my site is okay and loading all pages without showing any type 503 or 504 error. But unfortunately, from yesterday onward, my site showing 503 error and sometimes getting 504 Bad Request error.
The site is running in Godaddy server and according to last status, it uses only 0.368% CPU load.For a kind information, I did not install any plugin since 3 days. There is no error according to wordpress’s log folder.
Please let me know after activating the theme, why this type of issue occurs.



I would like to contact web hosting support first. request them why you are facing this issues. so that they can check through your web server error log.