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hi everyone, I write music but I don’t understand HTML at all. how do I design a page? to make active links in the description of the track collection? I know that there is an envivator, but I can’t do it. please teach me, I think many people are interested in this. maybe record a video of how to do this. Thanks a lot

Hi, you may try writing on then copy-paste your generated HTML to your audiojungle page. Hope that helps

I know this site, but I can’t make a link to the image. can you show me how to do this?

for example, the arrows show all active links. I can’t do that

You need to insert an image first, block the image then insert a link into it.

This is how i do it ==>chrome-capture

For example, i use as referrer link and an image link from

The result will be like this :

you need to repeat these steps to make more referrer links with images.

Hi PMsound. Here’s the method that I used:

  • First you will need to upload your button artwork to an image hosting site. is a good one. From there you will be able to copy the image URLs so that you can use them on your profile page.

  • Next you will need to make some public collections on Audio Jungle that you can link to. I see that you already have them, so that’s a great start. Copy the URL for the collection that you want to link to. I’ll use your ‘Piano Corporate’ collection as an example.

  • Once you have them you can use a little bit of simple HTML to make the clickable links:

  • Type the HTML into the ‘Profile Text’ box in the settings menu

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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! ))