Page Builder to sell the designed templates to customers


Is there any page builder in Themeforest that allows selling the designed, exported templates to my customers?

Asked a few vendors in TF and none allowed.

I’m a software designer and need this to offer them as an OTO.

Still would be good if you know one even outside Envato.

I just need such a tool to speed up my works, at the moment I do designs using Bootstrap but it takes a while to design a page.

I appreciate if you help.


You can sell your design At Envato with Envato > Codecanyon Plugin Extended License.

My clients are not at Envato. outside the network. and as I said the vendors won’t let me sell. I believe even with Extended license I won’t be able to seel designs outside here.

That’s true you are not able to sell any envato product out side of Envato event at Envato also.
But you are able to sell your product with envato plugins. Suppose you have a WP theme with visual composer extended license you can sell that theme outside of the market but you are not able to se Visual Composer only!
Hope you understand.
can you tell me which plugin you chose?

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You can but it would require an entirely new license/ purchase for each occasion, client and site

You wouldn’t be able to advertise or sell an item “as is”

“On demand” type sales are also not allowed


It’s actually not plugins or themes, I need an HTML page builder that I can create templates (landing pages) and export the results. then use the exported templates as OTOs to my main offer for the clients I have.

If you find one on code canyon then you can use it to create the sites for the clients but you can’t redistribute the page builder itself as part of what you sell the client


This is HTML Page Builder

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Thanks guys,

I’m going to get in touch with CC page builder vendors then.

Yes I don’t need to give the page builder script itself, just the templates I make with it.