Page Builder themes that overwrite WooCommerce templates causing problems?

I came across this article:

Both the authors of Avada and Divi said that the author of that article is giving readers a load of BS simply because he works for WooThemes.

The co-founder of Avada said this to me in a comment:
“Out dated template files ca happen, but it is very rare and will not affect functionality. Also, there is no other way to do it. See what happens is any theme author who wants to add unique design integration for WooCommerce MUST override Woo template files because they do not provide any other way to do it. So you either use their default woo design, which we feel is too basic along with every other theme author out there, or you override their templates and add a custom design. Which is what Avada does as well as many other authors. It is not bad or incorrect, it simply is. However, an outdated template file is not a concern, we beta test any new version and fix any that may come up.”

They also said this:
"Thank you for checking in with us and the candid reference you have provided. We have read the article and first off would like to state that we welcome all forms of feedback, even of it is not constructive.

The article leads with the following statement by the author:

“Of course, these are just scratching the surface of bad themes, but they’re definitely on “Danny’s Most Hated Criminal” list.”

Let’s look at the facts:

1 – Avada’s integration of the Woocommerce plugin does not include custom or special functionality, but instead is design and style based.

2 – At the point of each release update of Avada, Avada will have been checked for compliance in accordance with the latest version of the Woocommerce plugin at that time and any issues addressed. See our changelog here ->

3 – The Woocommerce outdated files notification that has come up before will have been due to Woocommerce having a released an update to their plugin. Woocommerce and Avada do not have synchronized update cycles, but with each release of the Woocommerce plugin our development team test and check Avada for compliance and almost immediately will release a Knowledgebase fix to address any issues.

4 – We know, and it is also acknowledged in that article, that making sure your theme and plugins are updated eliminates any potential compatibility issues.

5 – The article was written quite a long while ago, and with several highly significant updates to Avada since then, the context of the article should be revisited for clarification. More specifically, to substantiate the context

Obviously the article centers around the ‘Outdated files’ issue, and as stated above, is something that will have been addressed by our development team within hours of a Woo release

We take enormous pride in the excellent support we provide for Avada. Alongside that, the undiminished focus on ever evolving and improving Avada by our talented team, we can assure you are in good hands."

What I’m really trying to do is get to the bottom of what the actual issue is, if there even is one. Can anyone enlighten me? After reading Daniel’s article, I considered ditching Avada and just using something like Canvas, alongside a dedicated page builder plugin like Divi Builder, or Visual Composer.