Page Builder pro V3.1 license and update?

Hey there,
I’m new to this forum, so i hope i’m posting at the right place asking the right question :stuck_out_tongue:
I just bought “Primax - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template” which includes also this mentioned
Page Builder pro V3.1.
It started great and its nice to use, but now i’m not sure how the further support will be with this? I already figured that i cannot update to newer versions and i don’t know if this will end up in: “For further usage, please sign up for our blabla and pay this amount to be able to use it…” ? So anyone knows what i actually got with my “Primax - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template” ?

Thanks in advanvce!
Regards Datsdau :slight_smile:

If the plugin came bundled with the theme you purchased then you will get support and updates from the theme Author. So please get in touch with the theme author for any support queries or updates. Contact here

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Thank you very much for that fast reply! I will ping the author for that question as you suggested, thanks!