Packs with tracks, logos and SFX

I would to to vote for Packs with the option to include tracks, logos and SFX that can be relevant for some of us authors and buyers as I got exactly this request from one of them.

E.g an Epic track, where you additonally need some Woosh and BOOM SFX and an intro trailer to make a cool Video on YouTube.
On Top of that, some customer ask for only special versions of tracks (short versions from different tracks) that can´t be compiled in a Pack.

At the moment it´s not allowed to mix all the categories, but the demand of customer is there.

Yes, can buy all tracks, logos and sfx each by each with spending money, that is good for us.
But authors should hear what their customer request.

So please vote for this new option to mix categories (and extract versions of tracks) as a Pack if it´s technically possible for Envato as they introduced “Kits” as well.