Packaging mock up with multiple sizes of box or resizable box shape

There are lots of packaging mock-ups which are nice but are quite useless because when it comes to needing the packaging made in bulk, they cant be used as they rarely come with the die, fold and bleed lines template. The other issue is the fact that none can be resized. I know its difficult, but what we need is mock-ups that can be resized on all the three sides, depth, width and height and then somehow create the die cut, bleed, fold file from this, so we can send to the printers.

I know I am asking for a lot

In the UK we have a Large Letter shipping method that is 50% of the price of sending a small parcel. I suspect that the US has something similar. Its maximum size is 353mm x 250mm x 25mm. So any size box that is smaller than this but a maximum of 25mm thick can be posted using this method.

So in the UK many people on ebay sell UK large letter boxes that are standard A7,A6,A5,or A4, pretty much the same as the C size range

God I wish someone could create a packaging mock-up with this in it? or if someone could just create a box packaging mock-up for A5 and A4 with a depth of 25mm that included the die cut and fold and bleed line file for each of these sizes. Perhaps find out also the US dimensions of similar shipping methods and costs. These could be in layer groups, so wold only only appear to have 10 layer groups.

Oh and dont forget here in the UK we spend more online per head of capita than any country in the world, twice that of the US. I would also pay a premium for this


Would be nice and I would pay :slight_smile: