PA_API version 5.0 keys with latest WZone

Hi - has anyone successfully used Amazon’s PA-API version 5.0 keys with the latest WZone plugin?
I migrated the Amazon PA API version 4.0 to version 5.0 as stated in their migration guide, but the version 5 keys come up with errors. (The latest Wzone update included an option to choose which version API keys that it can use).
The bottom line of the error messages from the plugin are:
“The partner tag is not mapped to a valid associate store with your access key xxxxxx” where xxxx is the key obtained from the new generated migration set. This is despite that fact that the associated store ID WAS correctly associated with the migration steps.
Was anyone successful with this?

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Hi - I am having the very same issue. I updated my keys and verified that they were working in the Amazon API Scratchpad. When I updated the plugin with my new keys…they worked with API 4.0 but 5.0 generates the same error message.

I hope the developer is watching and resolves this before the March 9th deadline.

Same problem…