p-themes didn't solve suppoert request

Two days ago I contacted p-themes support about a problem with one of their themes (Porto). Two days later I have not received a reply. In the meantime, my online store is down and I can’t work.

NOT recommended

Hello @zoomcomunicacion

Thanks for your purchase, It may possible @p-themes author on holiday.

You can post your query in item comment or support page

How to contact an author


There may be several reasons why your website is down but whatever the reason is, if you don’t know how to manage the theme and the system ( not sure if it’s WordPress, Magento or other CMS ) you should always use “staging” to test the details first - therefor you can’t blame the author for the issue and they may not be entitled to fix the problem.

Apart from that, noone works at the weekend. You can just consider respond time as working days ( usually 1-2 working days ) but some cases, it may take longer.