P.R.O. registration: multiple versions of song?

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I was wondering: I just released 2 tracks (both have been sold a couple of day ago, one of them a mass reproduction licence :D). I’m registered with a P.R.O. (Buma/Stemra, The Netherlands) so I decided to register the tracks there. The interface asks for title etcetera, but also to upload the track itself so they can more easily recognise the track.

Here’s the thing, the tracks come in two versions: one with cello an soundscape, and one without the cello (leaving only a soundscape). Should I register both tracks separately, or should I just upload the main track (with cello)? I’m only able to upload one file at Buma/Stemra.

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Hi Carsten,

Yes, you should always register all the available versions/edits. Usually registering the title is enough - I wasn’t even aware that there are P.R.O’s where you have to upload an actual file, but it might have its advantages… Since you only can upload one file, that should be sufficient, but I would ask the P.R.O about the standard procedure, just to be sure. I’d say upload the main file and enter alternate titles if the interface allows for it (would be weird if that wouldn’t be the case).

Thank you ElysiumAudioLabs for the reply. Buma/Stemra has added that feature (to be able to upload the track) quite recently as far as I can see. It’s not mandatory but they claim it helps matching the song (which makes sense).

So for instance… I have a track on AudioJungle called “Summer Sea Cello Soundcape”. It has two versions in the zip: “Summer Sea Cello Soundscape.wav” and “Summer Sea Cello Soundscape - no cello.wav”, the latter is the track without the lead cello, leaving a nice soundscape. Should I register “Summer Sea Cello Soundscape” and another track called “Summer Sea Cello Soundscape - no cello”? And how does the client know how to fill in the cue sheet? They will probably fill in “Summer Sea Cello Soundcape”.

Don’t mention it, you’re welcome… Nice tracks btw, really liked your cello performance.
I wouldn’t register the second version as a separate track - there should be an option to register alternate versions/titles of the same track, at least that’s the case with the P.R.O’s I know. Since you named the alternate version on your item page, clients usually enter the name of the version they use. At least in an ideal world :smiley: But if they don’t it usually doesn’t make any difference. You obviously can’t control which title a client fills in, but if you registered all the versions you have as alternate titles of the same track, it doesn’t matter.
Still, since BUMA/STEMRA offer to upload files, I would just ask them if you should upload all the alternate versions. And if the interface doesn’t give you an option to enter different names for the same track, ask them about it. But that wouldn’t make any sense, since it’s simply common practice to offer different versions of the same track and/or that the very same track even has completely different titles.
I’m with BMI for example - I just register a track XY and have the option to enter all alternate titles (XY 30sec, XY 60sec, XY No Cello, etc.) for that track while registering it. This way, no matter what the client writes in the cue sheet, the P.R.O knows it’s one of my tracks.

Each PRO has a different procedures. The best way is to ask them directly about your specific situation. And also I would try to use free SoundMouse which is quite a new service.

I would say that there are few attitudes:

  • The safest: register all versions with all titles and use SoundMouse to upload all versions of audiofiles with all titles.
  • The minimum: register one version which contains as much characteristic for this track musical content as possible and all titles
  • The rational: Ask PRO for instruction and register at least one version with all titles and use SoundMouse (if your PRO uses it) to upload all versions of audiofiles with all titles.

Each PRO has a different procedures, though they are all mainly based on a text reports (!), even though they may ask you for an audio recording during the track registration process. They use audio files only for a single manual claiming procedures e.g. for Youtube royalties which can be done by listening to one representative version. But in most cases commercials, film and all typical broadcast use text cue sheets or composer/publisher manual claims.

I would say that it is not important to register in PRO all variations of track, especially if they sound similar. PROs are used to handle royalties from snippets of the original tracks e.g. used in commercials.

The only hope are services like SoundMouse which use automatic fingerprinting technologies and automatically report use to your PRO. Of course only if each PRO had signed contract with SoundMouse. For example ASCAP and PRS use SoundMouse reports all the time. In this case it is important to register all variations of audio track.

Summing up:

  • It’s important to register in PRO all text info (imho besides track lengths).
  • It’s important to upload all versions of audiotrack with all titles to SoundMouse so they can use fingerprinting recognition and pass text info to PRO. I would try to do it even if your PRO do not use SoundMouse - it’s free and they will create reports for you which can be accessed by a PRO in the future.
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Thanks ElysiumAudioLabs and RedOctopus, sorry for the very late reply… have been very busy with another project! SounMouse… will check that out!